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MMT Taper Irons Overview

The relative of the matte-finished MMT Parallel Irons, MMT Taper Iron shafts use a 335 tip and a gloss cosmetic finish. They use the same construction and materials as MMT Parallel and are available in a massive SKU range from 55 A to 125 TX. Using Metal Mesh in the tip section to inccrease stability, MMT Taper Iron shafts consistently produce the center face strikes needed for effective iron play. MMT Taper Iron shafts have won multiple times on global tours and can be found in the bags of some of the best players in the world.

Who should play it? Golfers looking for straighter flight and more consistent strike patterns with their irons should try MMT Taper Iron shafts.

Fit Guide

DRIVER MPH 80 81-90 91-105 106
MMT™ Taper Iron 55 A
MMT™ Taper Iron 65 R
MMT™ Taper Iron 75 S
MMT™ Taper Iron 85 R S
MMT™ Taper Iron 105 S TX
MMT™ Taper Iron 125 TX

IMPORTANT: For reference only. Mitsubishi Golf recommends being fit by a professional fitter.

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