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Experience improved accuracy and greater control of your golf ball with the AutoFlex Iron Golf Shaft. This advanced technology is designed to maximize your swing and deliver consistent power with each shot. Enjoy improved ball striking and increased distances on the fairways with the AutoFlex Iron Shaft.

The decreased mass and K.H.T maximizes the transmission of force for elevated ball velocity, resulting in further carry distance and run.

Length – Uncut 39" inch

Flex Weight (g)

Recommended Swing Weight

Driver Club Speed
SF405 50 D0-D2 85-100
53 D0-D2 95-105

 Tip Size – 0.370

Trimming instructions (tip 0.370):
- 4 iron-No tip trim. Cut butt only
- 5 iron-Tip 0.5 inch. Cut butt to length
- 6 iron-Tip 1 inch. Cut butt to length
- 7 iron-Tip 1.5 inch. Cut butt to length
- 8 iron-Tip 2 inches. Cut butt to length
- 9 iron-Tip 2.5 inches. Cut butt to length
- PW / GW / SW-Tip 3 inches. Cut butt to length

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